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Ever thought about selling your artwork or services, but not sure where to start? MARKET is a project to support YAYmates members to sell their artworks / designs / craft online and offline. Originally supported by the London Community Response fund we hope that more people start to #shoplocal with YAYmates in our MARKET place.

sell online

Do e-commerce sites like Etsy feel a bit daunting? Or do shops feel inaccessible?

If so, this can take the thinking out of it and support you to sell online.

The e-commerce MARKET project aims to help artists and craft artists like yourself to sell your work and services, and feel comfortable about being in a ‘non shop’ environment.

The project will begin online using a selling tool called Shopify on the YAYmates website to list artworks and services for others to purchase/book. This process will be managed on your behalf, all you need to do is send us pictures and a brief description of your work to upload, and then post your pieces to your customers when they sell. Each artist/craft artist will have the opportunity to sell a maximum of three artworks/services at any given time. If you don’t sell 'products' as such you are also able to submit information about your services as a 'showcase & marketing' opportunity.

If you already have a website for your artwork, you can also use these ‘selling buttons’ on there too. We can support you in this process once you are set up with us.


sign up: ecommerce

sell offline

Did you know that during the pandemic physical retail has had a huge shift to hyper-local sales?

That means people are LOVING buying local products and services at the moment - however during the pandemic accessing physical places to sell your work has been really hard for creatives, whether you usually sell in shops, craft fayres or events, and its going to take a little while before things are back to how they were with physical sales and big selling opportunities are back!

We have been able to secure a market stall in Romford for one weekend a month over the next 6 months for YAYmates members to collaboratively sell their work for free. This opportunity is part of a bigger cultural activity funded by the Romford BID where there will be creativity happening every weekend throughout the summer months - including music gaming, diverse foods and of course local art sales!

To sell your work on the stall, we will need some information about you and your products and for you to drop them off in Romford when necessary. It is not a requirement to be at the stall for the weekend. However we are looking for some volunteers to help run it and bring some extra YAY to the stand!


sign up: IRL market

step 1:

Sign up to the MARKET project here.

step 2:

Read the terms and conditions associated with selling online.

step 3:

Share details about you and your products and agree our Ts & Cs.

step 1:

Sign up to the MARKET project here.

step 2:

Share details about you and your products and agree our Ts & Cs.

step 3:

Deliver your work!

Thank you to our supporters:

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